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The Case for JFF: 10 Reasons to Take a Chance on Manziel

0. This^

0. This^

My buddy texted me today, and asked me “how would you sell (Johnny Manziel) if you were his agent. What followed was a string of 5 or 6 texts amounting to a few hundred words.  Suffice to say that I had some ideas on the subject, and it made me wish that I had a place I could post them where people could see them.  I then remembered that I do, so I began writing this blog post.

So, if I were asked why a team should take a flyer on a 5’11″ quarterback who plays schoolyard football, this would be my response: Continue reading

The Case for Kell

I am, in no way, an unbiased observer. I was at Kellen Moore’s first game against Idaho State four years ago, probably watched at least 46 to 50 of his 53 games for Boise State, and woe him the fact that my favorite college football program just finished the winningest (apparently not a word) four year stretch in college football history.  Having said that I believe this.  I believe that he can be an NFL success.

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Nit Picks – Why I Bought The Postmortal, and You Should Too.

This nit-picks column is inspired by a lot of writers, and a lot of weekend preview sort of features that run across the internet each week.  More than any other, though, Drew Magary’s Jamberoo inspired me to start doing it, and while I would never want to rip off Magary, anyone who has read both this and Drew knows that his style is something that I have taken from over the past year.  Drew Magary has a novel that recently came out, and with that in mind, the first item on this week’s nitpicks (which I am counting as 4 or 5) is a short column about Magary.  After that there is the usual swearing and nonsensical ranting.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Wrapping up Sports’ Down Season

Summer is great, but you can't tell me you aren't feeling a certain lack of hitting in your life right now. Well, it is back, and thank god for that.

Good news for people who are sick of not having anything to concentrate on, and have been forced to actually go outside the past few weeks. Last night was our last night of utter boredom before football makes its glorious return for the first Thursday night of the year.  TONIGHT.

That is right, that means that starting tomorrow, we will have actual games and actual meaningful competition to distract ourselves with, as the start of the college football season is followed shortly thereafter by NFL, NHL and the baseball playoffs.  In other words, we are freed.

That means that we can bid adieu to all of the pointless, manufactured ‘debates’ and ‘questions’ that we endure every day on the internet and on SportsCenter that fill the hours between the Stanley Cup Finals and the start of football.  That also means that we need to answer these issues before we forget that they ever existed because we have games to watch.

Luckily, I am here to do just that.  There isn’t much time, though, so I will just run through it as fast as I can. Continue reading