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The 175 Files – The End of the Kent Era

The seniors: Porzio, Manny, Action, Wolinski, A-Rod, Slobo and Tauts

This spring, I took a creative non-fiction writing course at Santa Clara.  Being that it was writing for a class, the tone is slightly more formal than usual, and the content isn’t strictly the sort of stuff I would write on here, but I had the good fortune of a teacher who allowed me to write about more or less whatever I wanted, even encouraging me to continue to write about sports when I admitted that I should switch it up.

The next two posts from the 175 Files are going to be about a subject that I rarely, if ever, talk about on this website, and that is myself, not as a fan,  but as a player.  This first one is an essay about my last game at Prep School, and the experience I had playing with that team.  Continue reading