Thoughts From Atlanta

Rob Morgus checks in, giving us his thoughts from Boise State’s week 1 win over the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta, and talking about the concerns that Chris Peterson will have to address going forward.

There were certainly some good things that Bronco fans can take from the 35-21 win over Georgia, but with the good, comes some bad. In my opinion, the game never should have been as close as it was in the end. The Broncos were far and away the superior side. Kellen Moore was his usual brilliant self, though there is still once concern in the passing game. The O-line protected well almost all night, even after Kellog went down. This game did make me question how good Georgia really will be. My thoughts from Boise State’s 35-21 win over Georgia:

– Broncos missed Geraldo Boldewijn. The Broncos longest play of the night was a forgettable 20-yard cross over the middle from Moore to Schoemaker. Remember that? It was in the second quarter and did set up the Matt Miller TD, but the Broncos missed the man who is supposed to stretch the field.

– The D line is good. A lot of Georgia’s yardage and points came either in the 4th quarter with the game pretty much in hand or on Boykins’ 81-yard scamper. That’s not to excuse the fact that the Broncos gave up a couple of big plays, but the D controlled the line of scrimmage all night and ended with 6 sacks against the “bigger and more talented” Georgia offensive front.

– I’m pretty sure the man that ESPN showed as Jared Zabransky was not Jared Zabransky. (EDITOR’S NOTE: IT WAS RYAN WINTERSWYK)

Boise's new hook up looks promising.

– Matt Miller will do big things. Let’s just say that, despite losing two top-3 round draft picks, WR is not a weak point on the Broncos offense. Come to think of it, I don’t know if there is a weak point on the Bronco O.

– The Broncos missed Cedric Febis. Ioane and Stanaway were responsible for two touchdowns. Huh, Georgia only scored 21 points. On Boykins’ run, Ioane drastically underestimated the speed of the Georgia DB and took an absolutely awful pursuit angle and then gave up on the play. Stanaway looked like a fool as TE Orson Charles ran right passed him on a flag route on route to a TD. Febis should provide a much needed presence at SS.

– Kirby Moore has the best hair in the MWC.

– I was told before the game that the player Boise State would most want from Georgia is Orson Charles. Whomever told me that was 100% right. It’s not that Efaw and Linehan are sub-par, in fact they’re damn good, but Charles is a force. Best athlete on the field, hands down.

– D.J. ‘Feature-Back’ Harper (ed. Note: TM) made it hard not to at least platoon him with the Muscle Hampster. His YPC was way better than Dougie’s, but that said, the way Doug Martin finishes his runs makes and grinds down the Defense makes him a must play. Once Dan Paul comes back it will be interesting to see how Harper is used. He was a lead blocker for a lot of the night.

– I have yet to see an angle that shows Tyler Jackson offside on that punt. It cost the Broncos 7 pts.

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