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A Look at What’s New In Blue – Don’t Toews Me, Bro

Don’t Toews Me, Bro’s Rob Morgus returns to take a look at the changes that have taken place for the Broncos, and to talk about who he will be watching at tonight’s Blue-Orange game as Boise State continues camp.

For those of our readers coming out to the Boise State scrimmage (Just me? Weird…) I’ve compiled a list of 15 players that I will be paying close attention to. Why 16? Because I highlighted names on the roster and that’s how many caught my eye. I’ll follow up with report cards for all the players highlighted after the scrimmage tomorrow. Let’s start with the WR situation:

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DTMB, But not Really

Rob Morgus isn’t writing for the site much these days because he is off in Europe watching soccer or cricket or team handball or something else that I don’t care about as a red blooded American.

Anyways, he has a blog where he is pretending that there are things other than sports that are worth writing about and keeps everyone up to date on his travels (which actually consist of doing research in Eastern European countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia).

Please check it out at –


Explaining Torres – Don’t Toews Me, Bro

By Rob Morgus

So Raffi got off. In a survey done by Darren Dreger, 8 of 13 GMs were expecting some sort of discipline. 4 of the 13 could not be contacted and 1 chose not to comment. I have to say I agree with the majority of these GMs. A lengthy suspension was definitely deserved, regardless of the location of the hit, “death valley” (the area behind the net dubbed ok for head shots). I’m probably giving the NHL way too much credit, but this is the only plausible explanation for the lack of suspension.

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On Raffi Torres

Tough Guy Torres doing what he does best

Raffi Torres was back to his old, at his current, and previewed his future ways Sunday night with a viscous cheap shot on Brent Seabrook behind the net in game 3 of the Chicago – Vancouver series.  What looked like a textbook, viscous head shot will surely cause controversy around the league and in Vancouver as Alain Vigneault and Colin Campbell decide what to do with the Canucks clown, er, uh, Right Wing.

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Playoff Preview Part 3 – ANA vs. NSH

Pictured: Fulton Reed

You have seen the same previews 1000s of times.  Why this team can win.  Why that team can win.  Strengths. Weaknesses. Matchups. Predictions.  It is a formula so predictable that Mike Singletary tried to install it as the 49ers offense.

Here at Obstructed View Sports, we (hey, I can use that pronoun without it being a lie now!) are nothing if not fresh, so we are going to try to keep the previews interesting.  We won’t stay away from those things above, since that’s obviously vital information, but don’t expect the typical bold title with the same rundown for each series.

Once again, Rob Morgus is chiming in, channeling this site’s colllective Ducks hate into a preview of their first round series with the Nashville Predators and breaking down ONLY THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS.

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