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Quantum Physics Update: Quantum Physics are Still Difficult

This is the thing that makes up everything, apparently.

Big news, guys.  Turns out that space and time may not in fact be ‘fundamental components of reality,’ but rather that they are a consequence of a geometrical model of particle interaction that more accurately explains the universe called an amplituhedron, which would be a good name for a Swedish death metal band.  Also, that idea that things may not need to be near each other to interact? Yeah maybe not.

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Things I Learned Reading 20 Things You’ll learn in Your First 6 Weeks


(Post Grad Problems)

Postgrad problems is the after college answer to TFM from the Grandex boys, and a site that I have found myself relating to all too often lately. This morning they ran a column, ’20 Things You’ll Learn During Your First 6 Weeks of Work.’ Some I agree with, some I don’t, and since my most pressing Post Grad Problem at the moment is that I’m bored at work, I’m going to go through Mr. D-Man’s (that lead in sounded better when I anticipated the author using his real name) list of 20, rate them 1-5 on the similarity to my experience (I’m a little over 3 months in) and add any comments that jump to mind.

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The Only Oscar Recap You Need to Read

Best Picture

Life of Pi: Real life- tiger kills the kid 30 seconds in, roll credits
Django Unchained: RAYCISS
Lincoln: Good president boring movie
Silver Linings Playbook: Crazy people watching the Eagles
Armour: French
Les Miserable: French
Beasts of the Southern Wild: No idea what that is
Argo: Apparently Canada wants credit for it?

Goon should have won best picture. IT’S HILARIOUS!


The Agitation of Political Season

Maybe it is me.  It could be something that comes with a certain age.  It could also be the times.  Maybe the political climate that we are in serves to foster this in a way that it hasn’t in the past.  It is definitely partly down to the internet, where anyone can spew their half-baked opinion on facebook or wherever else.  Maybe it is actually the candidates and he people who are involved with the election.  I don’t know.  I can’t say why exactly.  But the 2012 Presidential Election and the surrounding political season has served not to inspire me, interest me, or anything else, but to piss me off like none before it.

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Report: 74.5% of Female Facebook Users are Liars…

(Gawker) –
Survey: 25% of Female Facebook Users Admit to Posting Unflattering Photos of Friends on Purpose
Neetzan Zimmerman
Out of 1,500 women surveyed by the photo gift website, one in four said they’ve deliberately uploaded “ugly photos of friends” to Facebook, though had different reasons for doing so.
Of those responding positively to the question, one in three claimed they were doing so out of retribution for a similar slight made against them. A majority of the rest said they had fallen out with the friend in the photo.
75% of participants said they were in the habit of detagging themselves from photos they felt were unflattering, but a fifth of women said they were not swayed by a friend’s request to have the photos removed from Facebook.
A full two-thirds would get mad if a friend were to post an unkind photo of them to the site.
“To see that so many women deliberately commit ‘photo sabotage’ and upload unflattering pictures of friends is somewhat surprising,” said MyMemory co-founder Rebecca Huggler, “particularly when you consider how many said they’d be mad if the same was done to them.”
An earlier survey conducted by the site found that Brits are drunk in the vast majority of the photos that appear on Facebook. Some 76% of nearly 1,800 Facebook users polled said they were at one stage or another of inebriation in most of the photos in which they were tagged.

According to some Obstructed View Sports official calculations that I just did.

And realistically, I think that I am being pretty generous by not just saying that 100% of girls do this. As for the why, forget falling out or retrabution, it is because they are girls, and for girls, facebook is a competition.  I don’t even blame them though. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

PS. Is Rebecca Huggler the most easily surprised person in the history of humanity? She must have been shocked when Anderson Cooper came out.

Call Me Maybe YouTube Video Power Rankings

I like Call Me Maybe.

If you don’t like call me maybe, I have bad news for you. The “perfect pop song,” isn’t going anywhere. It is a cultural phenomenon.  It may even define our generation (okay fine there isn’t actually any way that is true but work with me). One thing that may define our generation, though, is this glorious place we are right now, called the internet. In this glorious place, we have something called ‘going viral,’ and one of the prevailing legacies of the Call Me Maybe phenomenon will be its unmatched ability to accompany and inspire viral videos.

So let’s not fight Call Me Maybe. Instead, let’s work in another internet phenomenon: power rankings.  That’s right. Join me after the jump for the world’s foremost Call Me Maybe Viral Video power rankings. Continue reading

Burying Osama

Everyday is a great day to be American, but today was especially good.

If Obstructed View Sports is your main source of political coverage, you are, without question, woefully under informed, since OVS’s political coverage is essentially zero.  Chances are that there aren’t that many people out there waiting with baited breath for my reaction to last nights events.
Still, it would feel wrong, not quite inappropriate, but just not right, to write about anything else before I at least touched briefly on the events of last night. It would be a lie if I said that I thought about writing this sentence every day for the past ten years or anything like that, but it is going to feel great none the less.

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