Bad Puns

The puns on are absolutely fantastic…fantastically horrible, anyways.  Here are some of the better ones:

SUCK IT TREBECK. This is clearly the peak.

Finding Nemo – (Not exactly an orriginal Antti Niemi pun)

Antti Freeze – (Better…)

Antti Theft – Not a huge diversion from Antti Freeze

Just Ducky

HART ATTACK – (Bonus points for insensitivity.  Then again, if Corey Perry wins, this will make sense on about 10 different levels)

Leaf Another Day

Leino on Me

Lund-Believable (Apparently because they had warn through the K-I-N-G keys to reference Henrik with)

J-Pom’s Napalm (Not just used for the rhyme, but because Jason Pommenville was actually charged with war crimes in 1987)

Kane is Able (used somewhat frequently, because hockey fans are all about biblical references)

Teddy Robs-Evelt (No idea who this was even about)


WINDXED– Stars wash away Coyotes 6 game streak (Not even a pun, just an extremely weird way to describe the end of a series.)

Spezza Delivery (Standard.)

IT’S LAICH THAT (Girlfriend…)

‘Yotes Get Buffalo’d (I have no Idea what that could possibly mean.)

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