Report: 74.5% of Female Facebook Users are Liars…

(Gawker) –
Survey: 25% of Female Facebook Users Admit to Posting Unflattering Photos of Friends on Purpose
Neetzan Zimmerman
Out of 1,500 women surveyed by the photo gift website, one in four said they’ve deliberately uploaded “ugly photos of friends” to Facebook, though had different reasons for doing so.
Of those responding positively to the question, one in three claimed they were doing so out of retribution for a similar slight made against them. A majority of the rest said they had fallen out with the friend in the photo.
75% of participants said they were in the habit of detagging themselves from photos they felt were unflattering, but a fifth of women said they were not swayed by a friend’s request to have the photos removed from Facebook.
A full two-thirds would get mad if a friend were to post an unkind photo of them to the site.
“To see that so many women deliberately commit ‘photo sabotage’ and upload unflattering pictures of friends is somewhat surprising,” said MyMemory co-founder Rebecca Huggler, “particularly when you consider how many said they’d be mad if the same was done to them.”
An earlier survey conducted by the site found that Brits are drunk in the vast majority of the photos that appear on Facebook. Some 76% of nearly 1,800 Facebook users polled said they were at one stage or another of inebriation in most of the photos in which they were tagged.

According to some Obstructed View Sports official calculations that I just did.

And realistically, I think that I am being pretty generous by not just saying that 100% of girls do this. As for the why, forget falling out or retrabution, it is because they are girls, and for girls, facebook is a competition.  I don’t even blame them though. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

PS. Is Rebecca Huggler the most easily surprised person in the history of humanity? She must have been shocked when Anderson Cooper came out.