Call Me Maybe YouTube Video Power Rankings

I like Call Me Maybe.

If you don’t like call me maybe, I have bad news for you. The “perfect pop song,” isn’t going anywhere. It is a cultural phenomenon.  It may even define our generation (okay fine there isn’t actually any way that is true but work with me). One thing that may define our generation, though, is this glorious place we are right now, called the internet. In this glorious place, we have something called ‘going viral,’ and one of the prevailing legacies of the Call Me Maybe phenomenon will be its unmatched ability to accompany and inspire viral videos.

So let’s not fight Call Me Maybe. Instead, let’s work in another internet phenomenon: power rankings.  That’s right. Join me after the jump for the world’s foremost Call Me Maybe Viral Video power rankings.

8 (Last). The Actual Call Me Maybe Video


Boring. Didn’t laugh once. Moving on.

7 (Second to last). Don’t Call Me Baby


I used this one because it has the most views, but consider this a place holder for every attempt at a Call Me Maybe parody.  You don’t mess with perfection like that.  More importantly, none of them are that funny.

7. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

Kinda cool i guess.

6. Miss America

Can’t Go Wrong with hot girls and catchy pop songs.

5. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

See above. This one gets the nod over the Miss America one because fuck Donald Trump that’s why.

(And because they’re wearing bikinis. Fuck real clothes.)


This wins it for creativity and actual effort put in, but it doesn’t have the re-watchability that the top two have.  It is all shock value and once you get past the ‘haha someone made a video of Obama singing Call Me Mabye’ part, it is just the tune with shitty vocals.

3. Literal MS Paint

Okay, so this one hasn’t actually happened yet, but let’s not get hung up on semantics.  I’m giving it the number 3 slot preemptively because if it comes to be, it will be the best thing ever.

2. Harvard Baseball

So simple, yet so brilliant.

1. Call Me Maybe Obsessed

This has to take it.  Hilarious and 100% real.  At this point everyone has pretty much embraced the song to the point that it isn’t really a guilty pleasure anymore, but when it came out, you can’t tell me that95% of males didn’t react like this.  I know that I did.

So there you go. Enjoy never not having that song stuck in your head again.