Call Me Maybe YouTube Video Power Rankings

I like Call Me Maybe.

If you don’t like call me maybe, I have bad news for you. The “perfect pop song,” isn’t going anywhere. It is a cultural phenomenon.  It may even define our generation (okay fine there isn’t actually any way that is true but work with me). One thing that may define our generation, though, is this glorious place we are right now, called the internet. In this glorious place, we have something called ‘going viral,’ and one of the prevailing legacies of the Call Me Maybe phenomenon will be its unmatched ability to accompany and inspire viral videos.

So let’s not fight Call Me Maybe. Instead, let’s work in another internet phenomenon: power rankings.  That’s right. Join me after the jump for the world’s foremost Call Me Maybe Viral Video power rankings. Continue reading

Pleading with the Devil: Make it Close

As a Sharks fan, I really don’t want to see the Los Angeles Kings make it so that two of the three California teams, and three of the five in the pacific division have hoisted the Stanley Cup in the last decade or so.  I really don’t want to see it presented to Dustin Brown, a guy whose game I appreciate but who I spent a season (and a playoff series last spring) wishing all the worst for.  I don’t want to see Jonathan Quick, who has the distinction of being my favorite type of NHLer, one who went to prep school, and who I had the opportunity to be in the rink with before people knew the name, named the Conn Smyth winner as the Stanley Cup Playoffs’ most valuable player.

I really don’t want to see any of those things, what with the Kings being a franchise that I have nothing but dislike for, but at this point I am more or less resigned to the fact that no matter how little I am going to enjoy it, sometime in the not too distant future, I am likely to see the black and silver parading hockey’s holy grail around either the Prudential Center or the Staples Center ice surface.  That is probably going to happen, and that’s fine. Well, not fine but…whatever.  I have one wish, though.  Please, can we at least make it close? Continue reading