Your 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs ‘Get Unreasonably Amped’ Kit

The playoffs are here, which is A, awesome, B, awesome, and C, refer to A and B.  Now, you probably don’t need any help getting up for playoff hockey, but it couldn’t hurt to throw out a few videos (like last year) to get everyone, particularly Sharks fans, in the mood.  It couldn’t hurt, unless the built up excitement causes you to actually run through a wall in which case it could cause property damage and make you more than a little bit sore (this is a more realistic possibility than you might think in my case) but it would be totally worth it because, you know, the playoffs are here.

Awesomeness after the jump.

And a few for the Sharks


(Last year’s is still good if you need more)

Playoff hockey is as good as it gets, enjoy it.