Couture Made Last Work

I don’t feel bad for Logan Couture.

It isn’t because he was, at 22, the fact that you were taken 38th out of 600 players in the best hockey league in the world is hardly something to be ashamed of, although that would be a pretty good reason.

It isn’t because, as everyone seemed keen to bring up, this will certainly not be his last All-Star game, and it will likely be the last one where he is not picked high in the draft.

It isn’t because he has now taken in All-Star festivities in each of his first two NHL seasons (as a Young Star last year) and in the AHL game the year before (and the CHL Top Prospects game the year before that).

It isn’t because he got to watch a performance from and presumably meet Drake, although that is a pretty big deal because Drake is, A, awesome, and B, pretty much Couture’s favorite person ever.

It isn’t even because he is going to leave Ottawa with a new Honda that he will certainly have no interest in keeping himself, but that he can give to a friend, family member or, if he so chooses, a local writer in the San Jose area (seriously, that would be completely okay). That is a little bit closer though.

The reason that I don’t feel bad for Logan Couture is that going last in the NHL’s All Star Game Fantasy Draft is that all things considered, going last may have actually been the best thing that could have happened to the young San Jose Sharks center. Continue reading

Taking GeNotes

He is score.

Despite not having Sidney Crosby, and having been the most injured team in the NHL this year, the Penguins find themselves in contention in the Eastern Conference, and that is because even without Crosby, they may just have the best player in the world.

All year in Pittsburgh, save for 8 brilliant games, the story has been that the Penguins are without hockey’s greatest talent.  While Sidney Crosby’s absence from the lineup is undeniably significant, it is perhaps overshadowing another story.  That is that without number 87, the Penguins are not only without the best player in the game, they also have him in the lineup. Continue reading

Midterm Report: Eastern Conference

We are close enough to the midpoint of the NHL season, with 18 teams having hit the 41 game point, making it as good a time as any to take stock of what he have seen thus far in the NHL, and what we can expect to see for the rest of the 2012 season.

Today, we will start with the Eastern Conference playoff picture.  Like their Western counterparts, the East is muddled with parody having taken its hold on the hard salary cap regulated NHL.  In the East, it is the bottom half of the playoff picture that is up in the air, with just 7 points separating the 6 seed from the 11 seed.  The best way to take a look at the playoff situation right now will be to put teams 1 through 15 into tiers.  Let’s get at it. Continue reading