WJC: Out of Enemy Territory

This week, the NHL Network announced that they would be picking up the World Junior Championships until 2018, and providing their own production with their own announcers. For fans of junior hockey, USA Hockey, and hockey in general, this is unquestionably good news.  There will be 15 games broadcast in HD, including every Team USA game, every medal round game, and a few additional preliminary games.  This is quite a nice upgrade from the 2010-2011 schedule.

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Archer Explains the Sharks Struggles

The San Jose Sharks are struggling.  Sure, it could be worse than 3-5-2 in their last 10, and they are still in a playoff spot despite having played the fewest games in the Western Conference, but anyone who watches this team on a game to game basis knows that they have more.

Now, I could try to explain what is going on, but that would be boring.  So, instead, I am going to let everyone’s favorite secret agent, Sterling ‘Dutchess’ Archer, help me out.  Why? Well, hopefully that will make it much clearer, and be much more fun.  Duh, and/or hello.

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Catching the Wild Wagon?

I went into the Minnesota Wild-Chicago Blackhawks game with the idea that I was going to check out the Wild and try to figure out how exactly that they have come out of nowhere to take over first place in the Western Conference.  That meant DVRing the game and watching what turned out to be 65+ minutes with an analytically eye, in order to pick up on what is driving this team.

Granted, a few nobodies wearing 19, 81 and 88 in white stole the show and gave the Hawks a shootout win, but no matter.  I am sold on the Wild.

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This is Getting Serious

People with Alzheimer's are very eager to find out who is better, LSU or Alabama

I can’t think of a more damming thing to say, or a more accurate summation of the current college football system than to say that at the end of the year, it makes everyone who enjoys, or cares about college football wish that they didn’t.

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