I Miss Hockey

It is the middle of the summer and there could not be less going on, you know, except if the British Open wasn’t happening and the second half of the baseball season wasn’t starting.  I’m working on some stuff that is a little more timely, but really I am missing hockey pretty bad right now.  Off seasons suck.

Anyways, I can’t put it any better than Justin Bourne did on twitter yesterday, so I will just quote him when he said “My favorite thing about the NHL season is that the players play games for teams and I watch and have stuff to write about. That’s the best.” He’s right.  That part is awesome.

Anyways, in our time of boredom and hockey vapidity, we may as well turn to the internets, and go with out old friend YouTube to fill the void.  Here are a few videos that should distract you from something drastic like going outside or talking to people while you are waiting for hockey to come back.

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A Clear Message from Doug Wilson

No helmet as a player, no holds barred as a GM

Usually the NHL Entry Draft is all about the future.  This past weekend, though, the Sharks sent a message that was loud and clear.  The time is now. We will worry about the future in the future.

That was clearly the implication when Doug Wilson made yet another big deal, shipping out what has described as three first rounders in exchange for a unique talent in Brent Burns.

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