Introducing Rob Morgus, Don’t Toews Me Bro

Rob Morgus not only has a familiar last name, but is the latest addition to Obstructed View Sports. He will be writing the Don’t Toews Me, Bro blog going forward.  He Comes from a splintered but promising writing background and will be covering all sorts of stuff as a columnist for Obstructed View Sports.  I e-mailed with Rob to give him a chance to tell us what exactly he is doing here.

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Welcome to the new Obstructed View Sports


As you can see, there have been some fairly major changes to Obstructed View The bar has been raised.  My game has been stepped up.  We are in the big leagues now.  No more of this bush league blogspot garbage.  We are a website now.  Nay, a web empire.

So, welcome.  Let’s call it Obstructed View Sports 2.0. Some of the changes are self explanatory, others less so, so let’s just run through all of them so that you can get a lay of the land on the new Obstructed View Sports.

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Breaking Down a Great Moment in Stupidity

We are already through the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament (TWO, NCAA, that was TWO rounds. Play in games DO NOT count), and the Big East tournament has more or less faded from memory, but I had to chime in a little bit late, because what I witnessed in Madison Square Garden (well, I witnessed it in bed, on TV, but it happened in Madison Square Garden) was a true virtuoso performance. It may well have been one of the all time greats.

Also, Kemba Walker played pretty well.

A Call to Arms

I have eluded, a number of times, to the fact that I am in a fraternity (or if you like, the fact that I am an insufferable, douche bag frat boy, although I resent that distinction, and would contend that it isn’t true). Now, as it happens, our fraternity does not have pledges for the winter and spring quarters, which is a shame, because right now, I have the single best idea for a pledge task that I have ever had, and possibly the best one that anyone has ever had.

All Things Hockey; Insanity Edition

Montreal has lost it’s damn mind.

First things first, I took care of the deadline nonsense here, so if you want to know what I thought about all of that (and you know that you TOTALLY do), check that out.  We are going to steer away from it right now, though.  Instead, we are going to keep it on the rink, and go around the league to other areas because holy hell, has there been a lot to get to since last time.