Trade Flatline 2011

So, a crazy February in the National Hockey League went out with a fizzle on a deadline day that can only be described as boring (okay, that’s a lie.  It could also be described as lackluster.  Or disappointing for trade fans.  Or quiet.  Or low 60s and sunny in Santa Clara, California.  But you get the idea).  Disappointing as a 13 deal day that was headlined by the likes of Dustin Penner and Dennis Wideman may be, it was actually a fairly busy trade season, a fact obscured by the time that it was spread across.  Consider the names on the move since January 1st:
Dustin Penner will have plenty of chances to kick Ryan Getzlaf
in the face, now that he is back in the Pacific Division.

All Things Hockey, 2010-2011 Edition 2

For the past couple of months, I have been extremely busy.  Either that, or I have become extremely lazy (fine, lazier).  Maybe both.  Either way, I haven’t found the time to write, and this blog has been underperforming like a Russian drafted in the second half of the first round.  Or Hugh Jessiman. Okay, not as bad as Hough Jessiman.  But close.  Either way, I need to step up my game.  With that in mind, it is time to bring back All-Things-Hockey .
In the words of the one and only Biz-Nasty, ‘BOOM.’ Let’s get at it.