Unfair Standards at College

Just a short post today, this started as a thought of the day, and spiraled out of control as I got fired up, so I am turning it into a mini-column.

Anyways, basically, Tim Floyd the lone bad apple at the University of Spoiled Children (also known as the University of Southern California, in some obscure circles), reportedly resigned just weeks after reportedly turning down the Arizona job.  Floyd did so because of allegations regarding recruiting violations that took place while bringing OJ Mayo to Los Angles.  I, for one, would like to praise this hard line administration for getting rid of the only man who could ever have crossed a line in this athletic department that has always been above the board.  The article is right here:
Because obviously Basketball is the only sport at USC that could possibly be crooked, right?
What’s That?
I mean it isn’t as though they have been sliding this stuff under the rug, and then guys have been caught once they left USC…
Ok, look, I know that there is a lot of hearsay and speculation in those articles, and that the football program hasn’t been sanctioned.  But honestly, this is way past the point where we can believe that Pete Carroll (or at least his assistants) is running a perfectly legal operation.  Maybe, I am just still bitter (I don’t pretend to be objective here, I really don’t like USC), but especially now that former assistants are getting busted, I am pretty understandably skeptical.  I don’t mean to sound libelous (and I don’t think that I do), but these are pretty reasonable speculations if you ask me.
In the interest of full disclosure, I got rejected from USC last year, and I absolutely hold a grudge.  I hope they go 0-12 next year.  Their athletic double standard for admissions is absurd (as opposed to Notre Dame, which keeps its integrity and athletic program…you think that Dwayne Jarett or Ray Maualuga get in to ND?  No way.  In a way it is cruelly ironic that Mayo brought them down, as he scored a great ACT and made honors his first term at USC, making him one of the few athletes that was qualified to get into that school.), and I feel like that could have directly affected me, so like I said, maybe I am just bitter.  Having said that, it pisses me off that they are pushing Floyd out the door to make it look like they actually give a crap about their recruiting standards in order to protect their boy Pete Carroll and their precious football team.