Mac Is Out in San Jose

Todd McLellan is no longer the Sharks head coach.  He won more game than any other coach in franchise history, he was the second fastest coach in NHL history to reach the 300 win plateau, but it won’t be enough to keep him around.

It’s being framed as a mutual parting of ways, and that’s probably true for the most part.   McLellan wants to win a cup, and he probably knows that San Jose won’t give him a very good shot at that for the next few years (that hurt to type). As for the Sharks, Mac is clearly a great coach, but the need for a culture change is so evident to anyone following this team that it couldn’t possibly come as a surprise. That isn’t to say it was entirely predictable, I myself thought that there was a pretty good chance that it would be Doug Wilson that would pay the price for the Sharks downward slide, with McLellan coming back behind the bench.

That brings me to the interesting question going forward, which is what this means for Doug Wilson.  It does seem to be a step towards his being kept on as GM, but he said himself today that his status “review” hadn’t been wrapped up yet, so there is still a chance that Wilson gets the boot along with McLellan. That’s a decision that needs to be made soon, though, since the Sharks have an important draft coming up, and will need to finalize that process before a new coach can brought in. Both matters are very time sensitive.

PS. Actually, the most interesting question going forward is the question of what does the new face of the organization, Aston Villa striker/San Jose Sharks Superfan Gabby Agbonlahor thinks. Is he disapointed? Does he think that the Sharks will be revitalized the way that Villa was under Tim Sheerwood? I’ll continue to try to figure it out via one sided twitter actions with what appears to just be a fan page, and keep you guys updated.



They made it to a final with someone wearing a Sharks logo on the bench!!!!

Seriously though, Aston Villa just won the best soccer game I have seen this year, sending them to the FA Cup final against all odds.  The team went over 600 minutes withuot a tuck, and now they’re a win away from the Europa League! They were hapless. They were boring.  Not going down was the best fate the team could hope for.

Enter Tim Sheerwood as manager, and the Villans have a striker that I wouldn’t trade for anyone in Christian Benteke, a Fabian Delph in international caliber form, and an emerging star in Jack Grelish.  On top of that, they are doing this with a back line that is banged up to the point that it wasn’t even clear what subs would be available for the semi. Not to mention the second striker was sidelined and wearing a damn SHARKS HAT (that would make my day if Gabby were a Sharks/hockey fan, but he probably just likes the logo), hence the genesis of this post.

I now have pretty much no choice but to empty my bank account to get from Vienna to London for the final.  Does anyone know how to get one of them viral “go-fund-me”s?

Unbelievable.  #PrayForArsenal



QOTD: How are Nielsen Boxes Still a Thing?

There was a story on Marketplace yesterday on upfront sales and the campaign that some networks are going to use for upcoming seasons. It wasn’t that interesting, but it made me think about something else:

Is there a more ridiculous practice in corporate America than the fact that in 2015, TV shows are still judged largely on Nielson ratings? TV has been entirely digitized, making billions of data points available, and execs are selling ads (not to mention green lighting/canceling shows) based sampling that ignores the way most people watch tv, using a box that you don’t have, and that nobody you know has.

That’s one there.  That’s a Nielson box, but you didn’t know that, because nobody has actually used or seen one before, apart from your aunt Gladys in Michigan.  See the timestamp there? People using Nielson boxes are people who have orange timestamps on their pictures. Both are things that haven’t been practical since the 90s.

Judging shows based on Nielson rating would be like judging music based solely on record sales from hard copy sales from a few random independent record sellers, or if the NHL playoffs (preview columns coming soon!) were decided based on a random sample of 17 periods from each team, chosen by people who don’t really care about hockey.  The data is easily obtainable, and yet this huge industry relies on archaic data from a box that nobody seems to have any idea how to get, and ignores the most common ways of consuming television.  Insanity.


Sharks Answers Likely Coming as Soon as Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Sharks getaway day, in which the players will clear out their lockers and the organization will have the first media availability since the merciful end of the season that saw them miss the playoffs for the first time since 2003.

Contrary to what a lot of people speculated or pontificated, it sounds like it is going to be Todd McLellan who will be (hopefully just) the first one out. Reports are saying that he won’t be fired, but rather that it will be some sort of mutually negotiated parting of ways (according to the SJ Mercury News), but while it is nice that the Sharks won’t “fire” a guy as unquestionably successful as Mac, it is really a matter of semantics.

I wouldn’t have advocated for the coaching change, necessarily, but I certainly understand why it would be the way to go.  There are plenty of good candidates out there, and while it will take Todd approximately 30 seconds to find a new job, it could be for the best….but more on that if it actually happens in the next few days.

I hate to admit it, but I have to hope that this is merely the first of many front office changes. Now, the headline here may be a bit of a misleading one, because the answers will only begin to come tomorrow.  Obviously, the roster changes, and God do we hope that the Sharks roster changes are coming, will be spread throughout the summer, but it will be interesting to hear what, if any indications are given for the future of the front office tomorrow.


New FIreJam From Carly Rae (It’s About Time)

Carly Rae Jepsen is the best. Tom Hanks is the best too. They are the bests. This video is the best.

On a scale of 1 to Call Me Maybe, the song is probably about a 7.5/8, but that’s still pretty solid.  and even if you don’t like it, you better get used to it/convince yourself and those around you that you do if you want to talk to a girl in the next 8 months, because it is going to be everywhere.


Iphone Apps, Ranked

1. YouTube

2. Spotify

3. Snapchat

4. Twitter

5. ETrade

6. Uber

7. Tinder

8. Podcasts

9.  Feedly

10. Instagram

11. Solitaire

12. NHL

13. The Score

14. Netflix

15. Vine

16. Google Maps

17.  Kindle

18. Fitness Pal/Map My Ride

19. ESPN Radio

20. WatchESPN

21. G-Mail

22. Reddit

23. StubHub

24. Face Time

25. NBC Live Extra


Billion Dollar Idea, Friday February 27, 2014

Okay billion dollar idea.  February, from a sports perspective, not awesome, right? Right, EXCEPT every four years, when you get the games of the Winter Olympiad, more commonly known as the Winter Olympics. (August is analogous, but let’s keep it with winter for now). The Winter Olympics are awesome, but three out of four years, we don’t get them.

The idea is simple.  Let’s fix that.  I understand that you can’t have the Olympics as they are currently performed every year, it’s way too much of a production.  So WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO, is strip down the pomp and circumstance, and just throw out the events.

To get the costs under control, we use the former venues, and here’s the kicker, we hold ‘em world wide.  For instance, Lillehammer gets skiing, Innsbruck gets figure skating and Salt Lake City gets hockey.

The other logistical issue is with the NHL, but that’s a simple fix as well.  With this being a yearly thing, you just bake in a international break to the schedule on an annual basis.  On top of that, you have the hockey in North America every year. ON TOP OF THAT, with the Olympics scheduled for Korea and either China or Kazakstan (torch lighter: EVGENI NABOKOV), we are gonna kill another problem.  The NHL players will actually have that year OFF.  The Olympics overseas go back to amateurs, and we get international hockey with the pros 3 out of four years.

I’m looking for people who are in on this WITH CAPITAL (kind of joking but also kinda not if anyone out there does have billions).  Lets throw it together.

Seems like a money maker, but if its not, at least February will suck less.



(Hit play on the pipes kid and lets do this.)

(waht the fahkk is a space needle anyways kid?)

You wanna throw up a flag with TOUCHDOWN TAWMMY BRADY’S NUMBAH ON IT.  That is AY OKAY with the followahs of BILL THE DAHTH VADAH of TACKLE FOOTBALL BELICHICK.


Come next week DUNCAN DONUTS NATION will be getting as much of that Stahbucks pike’s place gahbage as possible heading down to Phoenix’s biggest hahbouh  (does Phoenix have a harbor? Sky harbor? What the f*** does that mean, kid…whatevah) and DUMPING THAT OVAHCAFFINATED CRAP OVAHBOAD as we were taught by ouah foahfahthes. YOU AHE OWAH KING GEORGE, and  will ovathrow the reign of that TRAITAH PETE CARROL.


You can have yoah noise metahs and youah craft micro seasonal noathwestahn kalebrews, Modahn day revolutionaries coming from everywhere from ALSTON to Milten, from the northerlands of Plymouth all the way down to Newpoaht (those ahent even in the state of Mass, but weah gonna take em anyways kid). We will bring Sammy Adams- the one true champion of the brewahs- and you will feel the wrath of A THOUSAND DRUNKEN SULLYS come down ahpown youah flannel waahin asses.

Waht thah fahhk is a Gohdan Bieash (/drinks 10)….THAT IS GAHBAGE.


THE only thing that will be deflated is the hopes and dreams of YOUAH ENTIRE STATE, the name of which isn’t even original. Whattaya a wannabe DC? (/Ignores the fact that his team is called “New England)

You have been wahned, kid.