Mirco Mueller up 30 lbs? I Like that.

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If nothing else, Mirco Mueller looks like an NHL player at this point. The 6-foot-3 defenseman was listed at 175 pounds when he reported for training camp in 2013, but he’s up to 205 now, per CSN Bay Area.

That’s including 10-to-12 pounds added since the end of the 2013-14 campaign, but the question is if that extra muscle will be enough to push him over the edge in the battle for a roster spot. The 19-year-old defenseman hasn’t made his NHL debut yet and only has nine games worth of AHL experience.

I don’t remember if I said it on here (probably not because I’ve posted like 3 times since the Sharks got eliminated), but at some point somebody asked me what the Sharks should do this offseason to be a better team next year.

My response was that number 1, they should have Mirco Mueller be Olli Maatta, a rookie who can step in and be a bonna fide #2 defenseman and turn a lacking blueline around, and they should trade 2013-2014 Anti Niemi, who was average at best, for 2013 Anti Niemi, because that guy was awesome.

No word yet on number 2, but puting on 30 lbs of muscle between your draft and your debut is a good start.

(PS. I say the Maatta thing as if I’m joking, but that really is what they need: a young defenseman to step up and contribute in a key role. Hopefully Mueller is that guy, although I’m still holding out hope on Nick Petricki.)


Outkast is the Beatles of Hip-Hop

I’m buzzing off of the Boise win, and maybe a beverage or 2, but this thought has occurred to me: Outkast is theBeatles of Hip Hop.  They are simultaneously revered and underrated.  They work on so many levels (Hey Ya being the best example: works as an awesome pop song but also as a introspective look at modern hook up culture)… they will, if there is any justice in music, be remembered as an all time great.   Continue reading




Or B1G, or whatever.  No matter what they are calling themselves or how they are spelling it, they are an absolute dumpster fire.  Looked for a second like Sparty was going to bail them out, but no such luck.

This guy on Twitter really nailed it:


College football helmets - July 11, 2013

Nit Picks Week 2: Rolling along

College football helmets - July 11, 2013

1. It isn’t a football topic exactly, but Adam Silver (NBA commish) was asked about gambling this week, and in the biggest upset of the season thus far, he answered like a reasonable adult, rather than pretending that gambling doesn’t exist.  He actually went even further than that, saying “It’s inevitable that, if all these states are broke, that there will be legalized sports betting in more states than Nevada and we will ultimately participate in that.”

No idea if the part about states going broke leading to the legalization of gambling is true (haven’t heard that elsewhere) but it would be nice to see, and while they obviously need to avoid getting too involved, but it’s good to see the head of a league not have his head in the sand.

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Mark Bergevin Explains His Plans to PK Subban: A Very Short Play

20140801-154846-56926150.jpgBergevin: Hey PK, you know how you really embrace being the face of the NHL’s most storied franchise and thrive under the immense pressure that comes with playing in Montreal, especially when subtle racism leads to a lot of people looking for holes in your game and not acknowledging your strengths?

subban-121227-620-thumb-620xauto-269215PK: Sure do, Mr Bergevin, I love playing in Montreal and it would mean everything to me to win a championship here. That’s why I have been one of the hardest workers in the league and gotten better at an alarming rate given my high skill set.

Bergevin: Yeah that’s great. We are going to jerk you around in literally every way the CBA will allow and refuse to pay you close to what you’re worth, because for some reason nobody offer sheets in this league.

PK: Uh….could you not do that?

Bergevin: I suppose we could not do that, but we know that you have worked hard to mold your perception to a skeptical public and that you will get crushed by fans and the media if you leave at your first choice, which we can’t credit entirely to the aforementioned subtle racism but, I mean, it helps. So we would rather count on that keeping you here.

PK: I’m sorry to hear that, but I guess I have no choice but to honor the arbitration contract I revolve , and try to let my on ice performance change your mind about what I’m worth. Thank you for the challenge, I’m better off for it.

Bergevin: Go f*** yourself.




Johnny Hockey Checking In (UPDATED)

Twice in a couple of hours. Either his twitter has been hacked or Johnny Gaudreau is being much more cocky publicly than he ever has been in the past.



(Went with the screenshots rather than the embedded tweets because I’m assuming his buddies are doing this for him. Remember, lock your computers, kiddies.

More importantly though, hacked or not you are Johnny Hockey now. Big name to live up to.


UPDATE: Fellow Flames prospect Sean Monahan has been fingered (phrasing boom) as the culprit.


Me Visor

#VisorLife Part 1: 16 Awesome People Wearing Visors

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I recently decided to be a guy that wears visors.  

It’s a major life decision that I’m quite pleased about.  Going forward, I will be documenting my experiences with the visor way of living, which I have dubbed ‘#VisorLife’ right here.  Stay tuned.  It should be awesome, but not in an intensely awesome way.  In a laid back, visorey  awesome sort of way.

Here is part one of that journey: 16 Awesome people wearing visors.

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